Founded in January 1913, Oakland Yacht Club is one of the oldest in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Early Members of OYC include storied author-adventurer Jack London, a Member from 1913 until his death in 1916, and Dr. George Pardee, a former Mayor of Oakland and Governor of California, who became one of OYC’s early Commodores after his retirement from politics. A later well-known Member was famed construction and engineering firm president Steve Bechtel, who regularly took visitors out on his boat to view his firm’s prized construction project, the huge stanchions of the Bay Bridge.

From its early beginnings at the foot of 12th Street, OYC later moved up the Estuary to 19th Avenue, which would be our home for the next 63 years. However, differences with the Port of Oakland, owner of the Oakland property, caused OYC members to move the Club to Alameda in 1977. In May 1990, OYC moved into our current beautiful clubhouse.

With the acquisition of our marina in 1998, OYC is one of only four area yacht clubs that owns all of its own facilities. Oakland Yacht Club's clubhouse is a striking facility with a wonderful view down the Estuary, to downtown Oakland, and across the bay to San Francisco. Our guest dock has made OYC a beacon to boaters wishing a casual and friendly place to relax after a race, cruise, or a long week in the real world.

As we have just celebrated our 100th anniversary, Oakland Yacht Club continues to enjoy its rich heritage and reputation among the Bay Area's boating community. Come check out OYC and see what we have to offer you!