Rites of Spring Race

Rites of Spring Race
Double and Single Handed
Women Full Crew

Saturday March 19, 2011


The Rites of Spring race provides an opportunity to experience the fun and challenge of racing your boat single or double-handed. As a part of Latitude 38’s Women’s Circuit, all-women full-crewed boats are also eligible. “Rites” participants represent the whole spectrum of bay racers including many who do not ordinarily race short-handed. Non-spinnaker and spinnaker fleets are included.

Because crews are short handed, the race committee tends to make the start line wide and makes liberal use of the radio in addition to signal flags.

An awards party is held after the race to help prolong the experience and let the racers meet their competition.


Open to double and single-handed crews and women full crewed only. Monohull sailboats must be ballasted with LOA of at least 20 ft. Multihull sailboats must be BAMA rated. Yacht club membership is not required.


The courses will be in the central bay, 8-15 miles long with start/finish in the Berkeley Pier-TI area.


Life jackets must be worn. Autopilots are allowed for single-handers only


The 2009-2012 RRS, prescriptions of US Sailing and the Standing Instructions of SF Bay YRA HDA will govern (YRA prevails if conflicting), except where modified by the OYC Sailing Instructions. Detailed instructions will be mailed or e-mailed to all known racers a week before the race. Late registrants may pick up instructions at the Oakland Yacht Club, the optional skippers meeting, the RC boat, or OYC’s website (click below).


Entry fee is $30.00 Including two T-shirts, but add $5.00 if mailed or delivered after March 12 Forms are included as attachments below, and are also available at the Oakland Yacht Club, and at the Skipper's meeting..

You may enter online with credit card or Pay Pal at: http://www.sfbayraces.com/OYC000.php?RG=T001728777


OYC will make a strong effort to keep similar boats in the same scoring fleet, including one-design divisions if at least five boats register. Double-handed, Single-handed, Spinnakers, Non-spinnakers, Women Full Crew, and Multihullls will compete in separate fleets. If needed for meaningful competition, some non-spinnaker boats may be given a rating bonus and a assigned to a spinnaker fleet.


Elapsed times will be corrected using the Time on Distance method. Boats not submitting a SF Bay YRA PHRF certificate will be given a non-contestable rating. Since this is a short-handed race some skippers may choose to use a smaller headsail than shown on their certificate. Accordingly, YRA PHRF adjustments for headsail size will be applied, but only if declared on the entry form. For non-spinnaker fleets, YRA guideline adjustments for headsail and roller furling will be applied.


Friday, March 18, 7:30 PM OYC Regatta Room. Dinner is available at 6:00 PM, bar at 5:30PM.


Free berthing is available on Friday and or Saturday night at OYC (reservation required--call OYC). A preliminary awards presentation will occur at 7:00 pm, bar opens at 4:30 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm. (No reservation required, but helpful)


Trophies will be awarded to the top finishers. Two T-shirts are included in entry fee and will be available one week before the race. (Hats/tote Bags may be substituted if T-shirts run out because of late entries.)

Oakland Yacht Club - 510 522 6868
George Gurrola - 510 843 9417