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Benefits of Joining OYC


1. The People.  .  When you join OYC, you are bound to meet new people and make new friends, because you won’t find a friendlier, more welcoming, inclusive club anywhere else on the Bay. OYC has an incredibly diverse membership, with members from all backgrounds, age groups, boating experience levels and walks of life.  They are always happy for an opportunity to tell new and prospective members what they like best about the club.

2. Our Private Marina.  OYC is one of the very few yacht clubs on the Bay that owns its own marina.  That’s important. Every boat on your dock is owned by an OYC member, and they all enjoy meeting their new dock neighbors and talking about boats!  More than one member has remarked that they met more friendly people on  their dock than they met in years at commercial marinas! And our slip fees are priced at or slightly below market rates.

3. The Activities. Some members are not active boaters, but enjoy the frequent social events, the attractive comfortable facilities, and the excellent dining.  But most members have some connection to the boating lifestyle, be it racing and/or cruising, and they will all welcome you.  Want to race, or at least try it? We sponsor a full all-year racing schedule, so you can race your boat at any level, or just volunteer as crew, even as a beginner. We also organize 15-20 “cruise-outs” per year around the Bay and Delta, to other yacht clubs, local anchorages, and other destinations. Whether you take your own boat or ride along as a guest, you’ll see new sights and make new friends.

4. The Facilities. Located in Alameda on the Estuary, OYC enjoys some of the best weather on The Bay. Our attractive, comfortable clubhouse is one of the nicest around. On the first floor you find our offices, heads, showers and casual meeting rooms. Upstairs you find our restaurant, bar and deck areas. Each offers marina and city views that can’t be beat.  For devoted boat watchers, there is always a parade of passing boats out on the Estuary. Our restaurant serves up a varied selection of seasonal dinners every Friday and Saturday night. Wednesdays we offer lunch. On Sundays brunch is available.  And there is always ample free parking

5. Minimal Cost to Join.  Virtually all yacht clubs charge an up-front “initiation fee”—from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. OYC has chosen a different path. We charge a $100 Administrative Fee upon application which is fully refundable if you don’t join. When you do join, more than half of that fee comes back to you as freebies and a generous credit at the OYC Ship’s Store.

6. No “Mandatory Volunteer” Days.  Numerous Yacht Clubs on the bay are “All-Volunteer”, with few or no paid staff. These clubs require all members to contribute “Volunteer” hours every month.  OYC maintains an experienced and fully professional staff to manage administration, facilities, and our highly regarded restaurant. Permanent full-time staff includes our General Manager, Assistant Harbor Master, Office Manager and professional Chef.  We definitely encourage you to participate in club activities and committees, since it’s fun and helps support the club, but we don’t require you to do so.

What Does It Cost To Belong To OYC?

Aside from the fully refundable Administrative Fee, payable with your application, monthly dues and fees are currently $120/month. To support our excellent dining facility (state law allows us to only serve members and guests), we encourage you to spend at least $75 per quarter in the restaurant (that’s only about 1 or 2 meals per month).If you don’t spend $75 per quarter in the restaurant, you’ll be charged for the difference.

That’s it.OYC is one of the friendliest, most welcoming yacht clubs around, and one of the most cost-effective.Join now and find out for yourself.

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